Community Post: 'A Sophisticated Pair' Needs You!

We're going to take a break today from our usual fun fashion posts and talk about something near and dear to our hearts: the fate of 'A Sophisticated Pair' bra boutique in North Carolina. 

A few weeks ago, Erica (the owner and my friend) posted a beautifully raw blog about her current situation with the boutique. Despite having recently celebrated their 7th anniversary, she felt ready to shut the boutique down for good. A combination of medical emergencies (cancer) and other life events had kept her away from the shop, which had lingered to the point that bills were becoming difficult to pay. After serious consideration, she's decided to trim inventory and see if she can make it through in the short term and keep going: it's a brave and difficult decision for a small business to make. 

So why do I care about this small boutique in a state that I don't live in? Quite simply, community. Erica has been one of the largest cheerleaders of female entrepreneurs and the businesses they run in the industry for a long time. She was one of our earliest supporters and has hosted many trunk shows of ours at her boutique. These have given me the opportunity to know her and her family deeply, to the point where I consider them good friends. My friend has spent years supporting and showing love to other women who work in the lingerie and fashion industries. She's blogged about people to amplify their messages and always used her own time and energy for the good of the community: now it's time for us to show her that we care just as much. 

You can read her blog here about her thought process, but here are some easy ways you can help Erica in the short term (and also get some great lingerie or sleepwear to add to your collection):

1) Buy a gift certificate for someone from A Sophisticated Pair - they never expire and Erica is a wizard at matching customers with their ideal bras. 

2) Shop her sale section: it will help her clear out older inventory and prevent it from being a financial loss to the business. It's also a great way to score a deal on some amazing bras currently!

3) If you are thinking about buying a pair of pajamas or a robe for somebody this holiday season, buy it from A Sophisticated Pair! They have a lovely selection of sleepwear and they ship really quickly. 

One of the gifts that I've enjoyed as a result of starting Bolero Beachwear is discovering a community of women who really go to bat for each other and rely on each other - let's not see one member of that community disappear!

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