About Us

Bolero Beachwear perfectly combines the tropical flavors of South Florida and the beautiful mix of people with high quality fabrics and figure-flattering cuts into an effortlessly chic collection of tops and dresses.  Combining her technical background creating costumes and clothes for the entertainment industry with a sizable dose of creativity and passion, Patricia McCaw, the owner and designer of Bolero, excels at designing beautiful clothing to fit and flatter a curvy figure.  Her expert understanding of proportions, her deft manipulation of patterns, and her obsessions with impeccable fabrics blend together to create superior garments which drape naturally over curves and last season after season.

Before beginning Bolero, Patricia had extensive experience working on costumes for TV shows, ballet, and theatre as well as in advertising and media.  Her experience led her to become the head designer for a beach cover-up business where she crafted mass-produced pieces found in stores across America.  When the failing economy bankrupted the company she worked for, Patricia channeled her entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy into starting her own small business.  

Initially, Patricia focused on designs within her comfort zone, working mostly on beach attire and cover-ups which made it fitting to use the term “beachwear” in her company name.  However, the inclusion of “Bolero” is not only a nod to Patricia’s personal love of the fashionable cropped jackets known as “boleros,” but also to her passion for musical Boleros, the soft, romantic Latin songs her parents listened to throughout her childhood.  

With her business growing, Patricia asked a customer for feedback on her new designs but was dismayed to hear how her client loved everything but could not wear her favorite pieces.  Nothing would fit her curvier chest, but she encouraged Patricia to consider designing specifically for busty women.  “She told me she would be my first customer, but there would be a bunch of women in line behind her,” Patricia remembers.   For the average busty woman, finding clothing which fits well is a challenge, especially dresses, and many are forced to rely on alterations.  “Until that moment, I never even realized how much of a demand there was for bust-friendly styles.”

After extensive research, which included purchasing larger cup size bras to examine proportions, Patricia finally prepared her first sample to show the client.  “She was so happy she placed her first order order immediately, and the reorders kept coming!”

While Bolero continues to offer beautiful sundresses and cover-ups, the main focus has shifted to being a haven for busty and curvy women looking for something which fits perfectly and looks beautiful.  Because of her own love for travel, Patricia carefully selected quality easy-care fabrics which require no dry cleaning, never winkle or suffer from color bleed, and look brand new longer.  

Her manufacturing process is also unusual in a marketplace dominated by outsourced mass production.  Bolero Beachwear is a proud “Made in the USA” small business where the dresses produced by her sewing team are done so under ethical working conditions.  Because of the added expenses incurred, the dresses require a higher price tag, but the craftsmanship and quality achieved make a Bolero style a worthy investment.  “Our clothes don’t just last a couple months.  They last years!”