Maxi-dress AMOUR

$ 150.00

Love all of your curves with this gorgeous Maxi-dress!

Figure-flattering to your upper half as well as your bottom half.

Cross-over top with the right coverage, no pins needed. V-neck, short sleeves at the right length to cover under arms, lined back top, very flowing skirt to free your hips and the belt will accentuate your hourglass figure.

The soft mix of 90% Poly-10% Spandex makes this a must-have dress for your travels. Easy-care, wrinkle-resistant and sturdy material, no thin, t-shirt material here.

55" CB -size Medium

48" sweep-size Medium

Belts available in Red or Royal blue, please specify.

Colors available: solid Black, Polka Dots BW, Stencil Navy-white, Blue Rain, Midnight Blue.

Our dresses are made to go through the washer and dryer for easy care.

90% poly-10% spandex